K2FX Tower Slideshow

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K2FX Tower 01.jpg
X marks the spot for the Tower Base
K2FX Tower 02.jpg
The first scoop of soil
K2FX Tower 03.jpg
The digging continues
K2FX Tower 04.jpg
The Big, Bad, Digging Machine
K2FX Tower 05.jpg
Is he digging to China?
K2FX Tower 06.jpg
"Hello Down There"... Pretty deep huh?
K2FX Tower 07.jpg
Boarded and Tarped for Rain Protection
K2FX Tower 08.jpg
Assembling the Wooden Frame
K2FX Tower 09.jpg
Wooden Frame, Rebar Cage, and Tower Base ready for Concrete
K2FX Tower 10.jpg
Here comes the Concrete Mixer
K2FX Tower 11.jpg
Construction guy Rick, KC2EVC, What a Ham!!
K2FX Tower 12.jpg
Pouring the foundation
K2FX Tower 13.jpg
11 Square Yards of Concrete!
K2FX Tower 14.jpg
The concrete must now set for at least 30 days
K2FX Tower 15.jpg
The Wood Frame comes off, and we see the Finished Tower Base in it's foundation
K2FX Tower 16.jpg
Force 12, C39XRN HF Antenna Boom Construction
K2FX Tower 17.jpg
More Boom Construction
K2FX Tower 18.jpg
The Tower arrives from California at 6:30AM!
K2FX Tower 19.jpg
How are we going to get this monster off the truck?
K2FX Tower 20.jpg
The 900 Pound Tower was set onto a dolly so it could be moved into the driveway.  Thank you Mr. Truckdriver, Eric (The Big Guy, N2HSY), and Terry for your assistance
K2FX Tower 21.jpg
Wow, it's finally here! What a Towering Beauty!
K2FX Tower 22.jpg
The Following Saturday, the Fall weather gets warm, and the heavy equipment has arrived
K2FX Tower 23.jpg
There's that Ham Rick again, KC2EVC at the controls of his Boom Lift.  What a nice machine!
K2FX Tower 24.jpg
Guiding the tower from the driveway over to the Base location
K2FX Tower 25.jpg
Setting the Tower onto the Base
K2FX Tower 26.jpg
Raising the Tower Vertical Picture #1
K2FX Tower 27.jpg
Raising the Tower Vertical Picture #2
K2FX Tower 28.jpg
Raising the Tower Vertical Picture #3
K2FX Tower 29.jpg
Raising the Tower Vertical Picture #4
K2FX Tower 30.jpg
Quick, get those bolts in place!
K2FX Tower 31.jpg
Lets check out the view from the Top Side
K2FX Tower 32.jpg
Setting the Rotor and Mast in place
K2FX Tower 33.jpg
A Look at the Monster FORCE 12 from above.  Picture courtesy of the XYL, K2SKY
K2FX Tower 34.jpg
Figuring out how to get this giant antenna onto the Mast
K2FX Tower 35.jpg
The Boom Lift does all the work, while the little guy in the picture, WB2RGK supervises the operation
K2FX Tower 36.jpg
K2FX, and KC2EVC gently ease the boom lift to position the Antenna for Mast attachment
K2FX Tower 37.jpg
Attaching feed lines and truss system
K2FX Tower 38.jpg
Some Awsome shots of the Boom Lift and Tower #1
K2FX Tower 39.jpg
Some Awsome shots of the Boom Lift and Tower #2
K2FX Tower 40.jpg
More Awsome shots of the Boom Lift and Tower
Towerthumb.jpg (2873 bytes)
Antenna Heaven!   What a great looking installation!
towerthumb1.jpg (2217 bytes)
Tower of POWER!!
antennaswitches.jpg (4072 bytes)
Installation of Remote Coaxial Switches and Underground Control Cable and Coax

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