Welcome to my Classic 1970 Chevy Chevelle Page!
"Toy Chevy"-New York

 I am the third owner of this beautiful vehicle, and obtained it in the Spring of 2005.  It was purchased out of Salt Lake City, Utah, which is where it has spent much of its life.  From the Spring of 2005 to the present, I have made many changes to this car.  Below is a chronological list in detail.   Please enjoy the pictures of all the changes. 

In 2005 I was fortunate enough to take awards in two of the three shows entered.  The car won "Best Of Show" in Webster, New York at the Baywinde Show, and "1st Place" in it's category in Greece, New York at the
F-Body of Rochester Clubs first sponsored Show.  

Here is some History on this beautiful vehicle

Full Restoration in 1990.  The car was completely gutted, the front clip, engine and transmission were removed.  Engine and Transmission was rebuilt by a professional.  The vehicle was professionally prepped and painted. This process took two years with attention paid to every detail.  The engine was smoothed and painted the same color as the car, the manifold was also smoothed and clear coated, pearl was added to the clear coat.  The fire wall was painted gray as well as the undercarriage.  The paint is Porsche Red.  The graphics were done by Frank Folland, one of the best!  The Interior was redone in black naughahyde with gray velour inserts, but kept that Chevelle look.  

Below is a detailing of how the car arrived.  All of this work was done prior to my purchasing it.  









Below is a COMPLETE list of the New Parts for
2005 that I purchased and installed.



1.) Holley 750CFM HP 4-Barrel Carburetor with Mechanical Advance

2.) Chrome Dual Feed Lines

3.) Summit Chromed Fuel Pressure Gauge

4.) Chrome Holley 110-GPH High Volume Fuel Pump

5.) Chrome Valve Covers (350 High Performance), breather, and Fel-Pro Gaskets

6.) Chevrolet Chromed Air Cleaner with Chrome/Red Bowtie Wing Nut

7.) Steel Braided Fuel Lines

8.) Steel Braided PCV Line

9.) Super Flex Upper Radiator Hose

10.) 16 Electric Puller Fan with Automatic Relay Circuit

11.) Red Anodized Valve Cover Wing Nuts

12.) New matching Chrome Tire Lug nut. (To replace one that was one size too big on the rear passenger side)

13.) New Side View Mirror, Bracket, and Gasket

14.) New Console Top Plate and 4-Speed Placard

15.) New Dash Pad

16.) New Chevrolet Floor Mats

17.) New Seat Belts with Retractors for Driver & Passenger

18.) Removed and Painted front Grill Gloss Black, and replaced ALL Chrome Trim on the Front Grill, including the missing pieces.

19.) New Front Parking Light Lenses and Hardware

20.) New Rear Taillight Lenses and Hardware

21.) New Parking, Rear, and Back-Up Light Bulbs

22.) New Rear License Plate Light, Lens, Gasket, and Bulb

23.) New Sun-Pro Tachometer, Voltage, Water Temp, and Oil Pressure Gauges

24.) Parking Brake Retaining Hooks (2)

25.) New Black Cowl Vent Covers to replace the screen mesh that was in place.

26.) Mallory Manual Advance Kit, for the Unilite Distributor.

27.) Chrome Oil Dipstick and Holder

28.) Chrome Power Steering Pump Cap

29.) Harmonic Balancer Tape (8)

30.) New Chrome Water Outlet, Bolts, O-Ring, and Chrome Caps

31.) New Flow-Tech Ceramic Coated Headers with Fel-Pro Gaskets

32.) New Stainless Steel MagnaFlow 2 1/2 inch Exhaust with Stainless Polished Mufflers  

33.) 1970 Chevelle SS Steering Wheel (As New compete with shroud, Horn Buttons & Contacts)

34.) Set of BRAND NEW ORIGINAL never installed NOS Delco Remy Horns (A and F Tone) (RARE!)



1.)   Replaced cracked front brake line hoses (Original Parts!), freed up brakes, bleed and adjusted front brakes.

2.)   Installed remote LED switch to activate back-up lights and wired into harness.

3.)   Cleaned, inspected, and re-packed front wheel bearings, and replaced grease seals.

4.)   Repaired wiring for Instrument lights, and repaired wiring to all new gauges.

5.)   Adjusted Parking Brake for proper tension.



1.)   New Carburetor Jetted and adjusted.

2.)   Distributor was pulled, and new springs were added to get proper advancement. 

3.)   Harmonic Balancer Tape was attached for accurate timing marks.

4.)   New Thermostat installed (160 Degree)

5.)   New water outlet and gasket to stop a minor fluid leak.

6.)   Electric Fan Installation to cool engine while stopped on Hot Days. 



1.)   Brand new Eaton 10-Bolt 8.2 Positraction Unit

2.)   New Motive 4.11 Gears with all Installation Kit Hardware

3.)   New Axles and Seals

4.) New Chromed Heavy Duty Differential Cover


Here are a few Pictures from the Spring, Summer and Fall of 2005.  You will see that I've done quite a bit of work the first year.  Just look at the difference in the Engine Bay alone!

Enjoy the Pictures!!!

The Chevelle is Delivered by Blue Highways.  Nice Truck!

Engine Bay as it arrived

Interior Shots

My rear seat passenger Taz!

New Rear End

Engine Bay as it looks now

My New York Plate

Best of Show Winner this day in Webster, NY!

Storage Day, November 12, 2005

Storage Day, November 12, 2005

Storage Day, November 12, 2005. This is my friend Bob's '55 Chevy.

Storage Day, November 12, 2005

Bob's '55 Chevy

Storage Day, November 12, 2005

Bob Caruso and his '55

Storage Day, November 12, 2005

Storage Day, November 12, 2005

Storage Day, November 12, 2005

Spring of 2006 will bring a few more major changes!  Work is already scheduled to pull the current motor, and replace it with a brand new Balanced and Blueprinted 383 Stroker!   This new engine will have a Forged Steel Crank, a new set of Edelbrock Polished Aluminum Heads, high performance  Edelbrock "Endura Shine" Intake Manifold,  Crane Race Camshaft, Top of the line Hypereutectic  Pistons, a March Pulley Serpentine Chrome Conversion Kit, Moroso Chrome Oil Pan, and a Hurst Competition Shifter.  Nothing but the best parts will be installed.  The engine will be built over the course of a couple months, and then swapped out in time for the car to hit the road this Summer.  All work will be done right at the cars storage facility, which has a complete race motor shop on site!!  This new engine will be cranking out about 450 Thumping Horsepower.


The engine build has begun!  The old 350 was successfully pulled from the Chevelle, and the new motor is in its mock-up stage.  So far, there have been very few snags, but there have been a couple. First, after machining the Block, it was discovered that due to the outside coating on the Hypereutectic Pistons, the block would have to be re-bored another one-thousandths of an inch.  With that completed, each cylinder was then tested to make sure that there is plenty of Rod clearance with the Crane Race Camshaft.  Also, the Oil Pan needs slight clearance modification to accommodate that 383 Stroke!  I de-burred and smoothed the block prior to machining, since the block will be primed and then painted to match of the cars color.  The casting really needed to be smoothed for a show car finish.  This was not too difficult, just time consuming, but the work is done.  The Edlebrock Aluminum Heads have finally been shipped, and will be ready for installation.  The Mallory Unilite Distributor has been re-curved on a machine, and the Holley 750HP received a new Power Valve, has been re-jetted for the new engine.  It is ready to ROCK!!

Finally, with the old engine out of the vehicle, I decided that it was imperative to also do a Brake Conversion from Drum to Power Front Disc. All of that horsepower about to be dropped in will do me no good if I can't stop when I need to.  So, I ordered a power conversion kit from Stainless Steel Brake Corporation in Clarence, NY.  This is a very complete and NICE kit!  I upgraded the brake hoses to Steel Braided.  To top it off, they offer a Completely Chromed Billet Boost Pump and Master Cylinder upgrade.  It's not cheap, buy way freakin' cool! As long as I am working in the area, I've also purchased new upper and lower Ball Joints, Control Arm Bushings and Springs to replace the stock (and original) ones still in the car. (36-years old!)  These new Prothane Urethane bushings were a bit of a challenge to install, but the job is completed.  The hardest part was getting the old bushings removed.  The upper and lower control arms have been re-painted, and each piece of hardware removed has been cleaned up and then shot with Aluma Blast.  
(Attention to every detail in this show car is a necessity).

It won't be long now until the Chevelle is back on the road for the Spring Cruises and Shows.  I'll have some pictures of the engine build and upgrades to post soon!  Stay Tuned Chevelle fans!!!


Well, it's been a very busy couple of weeks. I've not had as much time as I would have liked to work on the vehicle, but still quite a bit has been accomplished.  The motor mock-up is done with some fine adjustment having been made.  It's now ready for the final build after the block gets sprayed.  The paint has been computer matched to the car color.  The new Master Cylinder and Boost Pump has been installed.  The brake lines had to be custom bent and fabricated then installed.   All of the Dust Shields, Spindles, Calipers, and Rotors are installed. Then the brake system was bled successfully. I also painted the Spindles, and Rotors Black, which will offset the Gold Cad Calipers very nicely, and look great through the Cragar Rims.  The new springs are installed, and the entire front end is now complete including re-installing the Shocks.  I've also re-painted the radiator to keep all of the black parts under the hood uniform.

As promised, here are some current pictures of the project.

Brake and Spring Installation

A look at the engine bay after the old motor was removed.  Notice the old Master Cylinder and Brake Lines
 still in place.  Not for long!  *See Below*

The Block De-Burred and ready for primer and paint

The Short Block mock-up and build is complete!

A Close look at the Speed-Pro Hypereutectic Pistons

A good look at the Dust Shields

Another look at the Dust Shields

Completed Power Disc Brake Conversion

New Boost Pump and Master Cylinder!  Sorry it is so dirty.  The system was just bled, and I
had not yet had a chance to clean off the excess brake fluid, and polish it up.  


With the main preparation now done, this is the week that the engine should be completed.  All of the parts have arrived including the Edelbrock Aluminum Heads, and the Endura Shine Intake Manifold.  The Chromed Starter is here along with all of the March Billet Performance Pulley system parts, plus the chromed Alternator, Power Steering Pump, Water Pump, 6-ribbed Serpentine Belt, and all chromed brackets.  To top off the engine build, I purchased a complete set of Chevy Bowtie Chromed bolts.  These will look so much better than the bolts on the old engine that simply had chrome caps on them.  They rarely stayed in place.  These bolts will look awsome to go along with all of that new chrome about to be installed.   The transmission will be pulled this week and get new gaskets, and a paint job to match the car.  Also, I have a new Hurst Competition Shifter and T-Handle to install.  This will give me much more precise control over shifting, and a shorter throw.  Finally, I will also be installing a radiator overflow canister.  I find one to be a necessity.  It will also be billet chrome.  


It won't be long now, so stay tuned for the final build pictures, and reports on the first engine firing.


The project is finally finished!  As with most projects, the more you get into it, the more you want to do so that you never have to touch it again.  Well, this has certainly been the case, and I'll try to detail as much as possible what was done.  Lets start by taking a look at a few more of the build pictures followed by the finished car.

The Edlebrock Performer RPM Aluminum Heads finally arrived.  They were on back-order for about 6 weeks.  The block has also been painted.  
The mock-up timing cover is still in place after the paint was applied.  It was later replaced with a chrome cover.

Not everything is bolted in place here, but I just wanted to get a feel for how things would look with the March Pulley System partially attached. 
 I think it looks pretty cool.  Check out those 383 Stroker Valve Covers.

The transmission was removed because I noticed a small amount of fluid leaking.  It was thoroughly cleaned, then a new gasket was fabricated before it was put back together.  The casing was then painted the same color as the car and new engine block.  A new Hurst Competition Shifter was also in stalled at this time.  The linkage was painted glass black to contrast the nice red color of the transmission.

Here is a better look at the undercarriage with the new Headman Headers and Moroso Oil Pan in place.

Below is a COMPLETE list of the New Parts for 2006 

1.) Balanced and Blueprinted 425 HP Crate Engine that was built from the ground up with the following parts: New GM Block 88959106, Edelbrock Performer RPM Aluminum Heads, Edlebrock Endura Shine Intake Manifold, March Billet Chrome Pulley System (Alternator, Water Pump, Power Steering Pump, Six-Ribbed Belts (2), Eagle 383 Street & Strip Kit, Speed Pro Rings, Main bearings, Rod bearings, Steel Crankshaft 4340, 5.7" Connecting Rods I beam, Speedpro10:1 pistons Hypereutectic, Chrome HD Harmonic Balancer 7", Cam Bearings HP Coated, Oil Bypass adapter, Brass Soft Plugs Dart, Oil Pump HV Meling Blue Print, Oil Pump Pick-up, Moroso Chrome Oil Pan, Oil Pump Drive Steel, Timing Set Cloyes Billet/Wear Plate, Gasket Set Fel-Pro, Head Bolts, Camshaft Kit HYD (Crane), Push Rods Speed-Pro, Oil Pan Gasket 1-pc, Balancer Bolt, Oil Pan Bolts, ARP Intake Bolts, Timing Cover Chromed, ARP Oil Pump Stud, Roller Rocker Arms Comp 1.6, MSD 8.2 Ignition Wires, Bosch Platinum Plugs,   Engine Labor: Finish Hone "Plates", Parallel Deck, Balance Assembly, Clearance Block for Stroker, Blue Print Assembly, Cam bearings & Soft Plugs, Assembly, Port Match, Rebuild Distributor and Re-curve, Clean and Paint Engine, Clean and Paint Transmission, Cut and Assemble Ignition Wires, Modify Throttle Cable Bracket, Modify and Fit Exhaust System, Fabricate Steel Braided Power Steering Lines, New Fuel Delivery and Line Filter. 

Miscellaneous Labor:
Trouble shoot and repaired Horn and wiring, Installed New Steering Wheel, Remove and Rebuild Front Control Arms, Install New Front Shocks and Moog Springs Front and Rear, Remove and Install Front Disc Brakes, Remove and Install Power Booster Assembly, Fabricate and Install new Brake Lines, Install Cooling System and Overflow Tank, Repaint Radiator. 

2.) Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit from Stainless Steel Brake Corporation

3.) Hurst 4-Speed Competition Shifter

4.) Stereo Upgrade (Sony cdx-M7815X) Xplod and Xplod Speakers

5.) New Mallory Distributor Rotor and Cap

6.) New Barry Grant Mighty Demon 750 Carburetor

7.) Chromed adjustable fuel lines and Barry Grant Dampened Fuel Gauge

8.) Barry Grant Fuel Inlet adaptors

9.) New Chromed Cooling Fan

10.) Chromed Radiator Top Plate with radiator rubber bumpers

11.) Chevy NOS Fan Shroud

12.) Chromed Radiator Overflow Tank

13.) Computer Matched Auto Paint (1-Gallon) (Flame Red)

14.) Chromed Chevy Bowtie Bolt Set

15.) 383 Stroker Chromed Custom Valve Covers

16.) Chromed PCV Valve/Breather Cap Combo and Stainless Steel Vacuum Lines 

17.) Trunk Lid Emblem

17.) Chromed Brake Booster Check Valve

18.) Headman High Temperature Coated (HTC) Headers

19.) New Upper and Lower Control Arm Bushings (Urethane) and Ball Joints 

20.) New Moog Front and Rear Springs.  Cargo Coil were installed in the rear.

21.) New Moog Control Arm Bushings

22.) New Front Shocks (Monroe Sensamatic) 


The 2006 Summer months have been good.  Several trophies and plaques have found their way onto my shelf as a result of the latest modifications including another Best of Show Award.  
A look at the finished Chevelle follows. I hope you enjoy this site.  If there is anything else you 
would like to know, or want to see, just send me an email.


There are two reasons that I do all of this work.  First, I think that Chevelle's are one of the best
muscle cars ever, and secondly, THE CHICKS DIG IT!! (Including my Wife)

As of November, the car has now been put to bed for 2006!  So what's in store for 2007?

Just at the end of the season, I managed to get the new audio system installed (Sony cdx-M7815X) Xplod and Xplod Speakers.  This is a remote controlled Receiver with CD, MP3, and a removable control head for security.  I installed new Xplod rear 6X9 speakers and new grills as well.  I made sure that the audio system was pre-wired for front speakers as well, and I also purchased new kick panels with built in speakers, but just ran out of time to get them in.  So they will get installed in the spring.  This is one nice audio system.  I did not take any pictures after installation, but will post them in the spring of 2007 when the car comes out of storage.

The only other thing I want to get done is to get some Underhood Mirrors installed.  This will really make the engine bay detailing complete.  I also plan to put mirrors on the firewall. (Mirrored Lexan) 
It should look really cool on this car.

Ok all of you very cool 1970 Chevelle Lovers....I'll get back to you in the Spring of 2007!

April 1, 2007 Spring Update

The snow has melted away, and mixed with the Spring Rain has also come a fair amount of sunshine.  The roads are clear of the Winter salt, and my thoughts are turning to getting the car out of storage.  I actually planned to get her home this first weekend of April, but because some other cars are still parked in front of me, I'll have to wait until they can be moved.  (It's great to be parked in the back where no one else can get close to your car, but in the Spring, you have to be the last one out!) I was promised that they will get moved this weekend, and that I can come in next week, but the weather forecast looks a bit rainy for several days next week, so I'll wait for a good window of opportunity.  (This is typical, so I should be used to it by now!)  I've seen several classic cars on the road over the past few days of beautiful weather.  Maybe it's time to consider building a new garage JUST FOR the Chevelle so she can be stored here at home, and taken out whenever the weather gets nice!!!

Over the Winter, I made a few important discoveries and upgrade decisions

Since I am now running such a big Camshaft, it's very difficult to get enough vacuum to the Brake Booster at low RPM's.  I never knew until recently that an Electrical Vacuum Pump was available to solve this problem.  After all, why did I go to all the trouble to install Power Disc Brakes if they are not much better than drums with little vacuum.  So, I have purchased the SSBC Electrical Pump, which will become my first priority to install.  It turns on only as needed to supply the proper vacuum to the brake booster.  I've spoken with a few people who have installed this system, and have been told by all that it really works great. 
I'll absolutely get the braking power I require for that powerful motor, and that's important!!

Getting my Barry Grant Mighty Demon Carburetor dialed in perfectly has become an obsession.  Since installing it last year, it still runs very rich.  A friend has helped me tweak it somewhat, but I am nowhere close to getting that clean almost sweet smelling exhaust that I want.  I need a carburetor expert to work with me to get it set-up just right.  (If you live in the Rochester/Ontario, NY area, and are a Carburetor God, please get in touch with me. 
My cellphone number is (585) 764-1189, or write to me at: lasersounddj@rochester.rr.com.    
Maybe you can help me adjust this carburetor to run as it should!

Over the winter I saw several pictures of Chevelle's that had a Digital Dash upgrade.  The product I really liked is produced by Dakota.  They offer a perfect fit, direct replacement digital gauge kit for 1970 Chevelle's with sweep gauges.  Again, I am asking that anyone reading this with experience with Dakota Digital systems to get in touch with me.  The project looks to be a little out of my league for installation, but I'm sure several of you in the area have the needed experience. 
Maybe a local custom car/rod shop can help with the upgrade. 
 I better start making some phone calls.



May 19, 2007 Spring Update #2

The SSBC Electric Vacuum Pump has been installed.  It went in really smoothly, and I had no trouble with the electrical wiring or vacuum lines.  I was also able to find the ideal place to mount the unit so it is rather unobtrusive.  So how does it perform?  I was really surprised.  It works great!  The unit turns on automatically when more vacuum is needed, and shuts down when enough pressure has been built up. It was truly worth the money and time for the modification.  If you too are experiencing low vacuum due to a more radical camshaft, this will solve your problem. 
**NOTE** SSBC is not the only company to sell these units.  As a matter of fact, they appear to made by a company who then sells them under various names.  You can find it much cheaper that what SSBC sells it for if you do some research,
and it is the exact same product.  The installation instructions vary from company to company, some of which are entirely in spanish!  However, the SSBC instructions (Which are by far the best) can be downloaded directly from their website, and applied to any unit you may purchase.

SSBC Vacuum Pump Installed

SSBC Vacuum Pump Shot-2


SONY X-PLOD Rear Speakers

383 STROKER MOTOR as of MAY 2007


I still need help getting this Barry Grant Mighty Demon Carburetor Leaned Out!  
Where are all of my carburetor experts????  Get in touch with me.  I'll be Back with more updates throughout the Spring and Summer of 2007.


June 24, 2007 Summer Update #1

Looks like my 1970 Chevelle site is getting LOTS of hits lately!  So where are all of you people checking in from?  If you have a free moment, please drop me a quick email, and let me know what you think of the car, and tell me where you are located.  Also, what brought you to my site?  My email address is:  lasersounddj@rochester.rr.com  Now, lets get to the good stuff.  I think that my Mighty Demon Carburetor troubles have finally been eliminated.  It's amazing how so many people (like me) seem to overlook the simple things, like actually taking the time to re-jet as necessary. The Barry Grant Mighty Demon comes with a jet size of 75 in the primary.  Under this setting, my motor was running VERY rich!  When I say rich, I mean that my plugs were black!!!  My exhaust at idle was just eye stinging at these vales.  It was finally suggested that I drop the primaries down to a jet size of 70.  This time, I went too far in the opposite direction.  The motor was fuel starved, but the plugs were starting to turn a better shade of white.  I went in a third time, and changed to a primary jet size of 72's!  YES, the magic number!!  What a difference in the performance of this car.  The new 383 Stroker is really starting to come alive.  Idle sounds and feels great, the motor is making all kinds of power at the low and high end, and the exhaust is now starting to take on that almost sweet smell I've been looking for.  Some other fine tuning with the butterflies, and squirters has also been helpful.  The plugs now have that nice golden brown color also.  Barry Grant makes a fine carburetor, but as with every unit of the market, they all need fine tuning, especially when you are running a substantial camshaft. 
However, when you finally get it dialed in like I just did, you'll immediately see the difference. 

I took the car on about a 10-mile drive just before sunset tonight, and it was just a pleasure cruising on Lake Road paralleling the Lake Ontario Shoreline near my home.  About halfway into the ride, a local county sheriff came up beside me (Of course I was watching my speed), and gave me a thumbs-up before motoring on out in front of me.  That was cool!


I've been wanting to get away from the Mallory igniton, and had always heard great things about MSD.  I am running top of the line MSD Plug wires in my new motor now, so it was time to also change out my coil and distributor.  I decided to go with the one of the hottest things on the market, an MSD E-Curve digital distributor.  This unit does not rely on internal springs to change your timing curve.  It is done simply by setting dip-switches located under the cap.  There is also a rev-limiter setting, and a great start retard feature which retards your timing at initial engine start, and eliminates undue pressure on your starter. 
Only when your engine reaches 600RPM does your timing return to what you programmed it for.  I also went with the matching Chrome Plated Coil.  I've attached a few pictures for you to look at.  Enjoy!  Another summer update will be on the way soon.

July 7, 2007 Summer Update #2

I've been continuing to fine tune the Barry Grant Might Demon Carburetor.  The re-jetting I spoke about in the last update was a big part of the process, but the motor is stumbling at the low end, even though it's been leaned out considerably.  That tells me that the Squirter size needed to be increased.  The carb uses the tube type of Squirters.  The standard size in .31.  I tried increasing it to .35 which still produced some stumble, and then eventually .37 which now seems to be pretty good.  I might try going to a .40 as well just to see if I can dial it in even closer, but all in all the motor is now running very strong.

My NYS inspection is up this month, and I've been putting it off because the emergency brake mechanism in the vehicle is not functioning properly.  They get worn out over the years (original part!), and this one just refused to stay engaged.  A big problem with a 4-speed vehicle!   I ordered one from Original Parts Group several weeks ago.  The part was on back order.  Well, it finally arrived yesterday, and I installed it.  It was an easy installation.  Unbolt the old unit by removing the two nuts attached to the firewall, and one additional screw holding it to an internal bracket.  Then you remove the actual parking brake cable, and re-install the new unit in reverse order.  The new part looks and functions perfectly.  I remember that the old unit disengaged itself at a cruise night a couple of months ago while someone was looking at the car, and it scared the hell out of them.  They thought, what did I touch!!  The car was in 1st gear at the time, so it didn't try to roll off anywhere, but I was sitting just a few feet away. 

When I get the inspection done this month, I am also going to change for the first time the oil in the new motor, and go to a synthetic since break-in is now complete.  I also need to drain, flush, and re-install new gear oil since the 4:11 gears and posi-traction was recently installed.  This will be the first AND last time I'll have to do this.  Finally, I am going to align the front-end, which is something I wanted to get done last fall after all the new parts were installed, but just never got it done before the weather turned cold.

Several local shows coming up in the months of July, August, and September in the area, and I'm going to get to as many as possible!  The last thing I have to report is that I just obtained new Classic Car insurance for this vehicle.  I ended up going with a company named Heacock Classic Collector Car Insurance out of Florida.   They gave me the best rate on the coverage I wanted with an agreed value.  The car was previously insured with my everyday vehicle, which was a quick fix at the time, but the coverage was extremely limited, and I had to be EXTRA careful where the car went.  It is an absolute MUST that you go with a company that specializes in the special needs of classic car owners.  The agreed value is something you can't get from ordinary companies,
and when you have this much money invested in a car,
it's the ONLY way to go.

Here are a few pictures from the past two days.  As always, ENJOY!!
JULY 2007

August 4, 2007 Summer Update #3

Hey Everyone....Hope you are having a good summer and cruise/show season!  I've been receiving a lot of emails from those of you who have found this website, and I really appreciate all of the nice comments about my Chevelle!  I do have some news to report.  First, I had the inspection done with no problems as you might expect.  The rear differential was serviced for the first time since the 4:11 gears and Positraction were installed.  They are wearing perfectly!  Fresh synthetic gear oil was put back in.  The Fuel Pump was removed from the block, and I discovered that a gasket had actually been left off causing a small oil leak as previously reported. 
The pump was re-installed with fresh gaskets, and that problem has now been eliminated.  Now the potentially Bad News!...  I did the first oil change since the new motor was installed, and found a pretty substantial amount of metal shavings attached to the oil pan bolt magnet.  I also suspect that there may be some metal in the Oil Filter!  I am taking the oil filter to the guy who helped me build the motor. He has a tool for cutting into the filter without introducing any new metal.  He wants to examine the contents.  I am also going to save any oil I can get out of the filter and have it sent off for Oil Analysis.  Some shavings might be normal in a new motor, but I need to know for sure. 
The motor has been running fine with no noticeable performance problems, but I am going to be very easy on the car until I know for sure what is going on.  I've been told by a few other very knowledgeable people that there is a possibility that the new camshaft may be going bad.  If that is the case, it's not too serious to replace it as compare to other worse things that could be happening.  I hope to know soon.  Of course it could just be some material that was not completely washed from the motor after milling and before assembly. 
Lets just hope for the best.


I am actively searching for a SPONSOR who is the best painter in the area!!!  What I hope to do is  find someone to paint my vehicle in EXCHANGE for promoting their work through different shows, cruises, print advertising, and even a television show to be produced detailing the painters work.  I would pay for all materials and even supply some labor in EXCHANGE for the best painter around to repaint my Chevelle.  This is my winter project.  It's been 11-years since paint was laid down, and I feel it is now time for a change.   I need a PPG expert who can help me take this car to the next level. 
Please fully understand what I am looking for before you respond:  This is a TRADE deal in essence.  I provide the materials, as well as all of the publicity for the work you will be doing, including fully documenting with video the entire process of the paint job, which will be developed into a television program that can be shown in many communities in our area promoting your work!!  You'll also receive a copy of the Television Program to keep and show to other potential customers.  In return this Chevelle gets a show winning paint job! 

If you are a custom show car painter who has great references to back it up, then please get in touch with me. Email: lasersounddj@rochester.rr.com
You must be in the Rochester/Ontario, New York area.

August 13, 2007 Summer Update #4

I mentioned in the August 4th update that I received some potentially bad news about the new motor when some metal shavings were found during the first oil change.  I saved the oil filter and took it to my motor guy.  We cut into it for close examination.  Good News to Report!!  There were NO metal pieces of any kind found in the filter, which is where they would be if there were any kind of a problem.  This new motor has a clean bill of health.  It's been running very strong, and has never given me any indication of trouble, so I was very relieved to see a clean filter.  The metal found at the oil change can be attributed to some leftover after the engine machining
that did not completely wash out, plus possibly some valve spring chaffing, which is totally normal in a new motor especially with aluminum heads.

If you need the BEST motor guy you can find in the area, then get in touch with me, and I in turn will put you in touch with KENNY NOGAJ!  Kenny is the guy who built this motor, and he truly is the best.  Everyone I talk to at local shows knows Kenny's work, and usually comment that if Kenny did the motor, it's one fine piece of work!  THEY ARE RIGHT!

October 3, 2007 Fall Update

Even though it's officially Fall, the weather remains very warm and dry leaving me lots of opportunities to get the car out.  The last Car Show of the season was on September 29th at the Hilton Apple Festival.  The show drew over 500 cars this year on a picture perfect day.  As far as awards, unfortunately I came away with nothing.  It was another one of those peer judged shows, and some of the winners did not deserve an award, but this has been a common occurrence this year.  I've gotten very good at really evaluating the merits all cars bring to a show, and can pretty much judge how the car compares to others in my class.  Sometimes I agree with the judging outcome, but other times it's who is most popular with the local car clubs, and NOT who's car should really win.  I've heard this same comment from so many others this past year in 2007.  So much so, that I just don't let it bother me any more.  I take my vehicle to shows to enjoy a day filled with other nice cars, usually cordial people, and the best part of it all, A NICE DRIVE!!  I know that my car ranks very well based on the all the great comments I get from the spectators.  Some will come back after an award ceremony and say, "I can't believe your car didn't get anything"  "Who is judging this event?"  To the average person who doesn't own a show car, I explain to them what peer judging is all about.  Most spectators I explain this to think peer judging is a poor method of evaluation, on the other hand the car clubs that have good turnouts at shows love it!  In any event, I already have a shelf full of trophies and plaques, so it's all good.  Oh well, enough about that.  I just love getting the car out anytime I can, and will keep doing so as long as the weather allows. 
There are still  a few weeks left for cruise nights at the Log Cabin Restaurant, and I am going to take advantage of them if possible.

I've had a few interested people contact me about painting the car as mentioned earlier this year.  (See Show Car Painter Wanted) One in particular seemed very good (B & C Customs), and their shop is located right here in Ontario, but after talking to one of the owners at a recent show, I did not get the feeling that they were interested in getting their work publicized in a television program I am going to produce in exchange for work.  I heard much about their hourly labor rates, and references, but very little about any possible trade work.  That's really too bad because the pictures I saw of their Chevelle work were outstanding!! 
Not to mention again that their shop is literally located about 1.5 miles from my house!!  So, I am still looking for a painter who does outstanding custom work. 
If you are interested, you know what I'm looking for and how to contact me. 

Two days ago I did a wet sand on the paint.  It's been about a year since I've done it, and it really does bring up the color of the vehicle.  You would be surprised to see what fine dust and dirt particles will do to paint over time even if just California Dust Mopping it off as I do.  I have a professional buffer and all chemicals,
so the time it takes is really minimal, but the results are fantastic. 

Well, that's it for now.  Time to start thinking about when the car will go back to storage for the Winter, unless I still secure a painter in the next couple of weeks, in which case it will go to the shop.  I hope that you continue to enjoy this website, and that I've been somewhat helpful for anyone who owns and is working on a Chevelle of their own.  Keep all of the great email comments coming.  I love to read them, and promise to answer all of them.  I'll be back with one final update for the season soon!


November 3, 2007 Fall Update-2

This will be the last update for the 2007 season.  To sum it all up, it was a very good year!  Nothing too spectacular as far as show awards go, though I did take a few trophies home. It was however a year that was filled with a lot of fun driving.  The car is finally dialed in just right, and the new motor has completed the break in.  It has really been the first summer since purchasing the car that I've done much more driving than work!  It's getting to the point where there is really very little left that I want to do as far as major work.  So now I am really getting into the small detail stuff.  The biggest flaw I can find is that the glass really needs some work.  Light scratching on the Windshield, and Rear Window as well as the driver and passengers side need attention.  It's not very visible, but I of course notice every little thing!  It will probably also make a difference in next years shows.  I'm really torn at this point between just replacing all pieces, or attempting to purchase a glass polishing kit, and doing the work myself.  A few of the scratches do catch a finger nail, and that might mean that I won't be able polish them out myself.  In any event, I will also be replacing all of the trim molding around the windshield and rear window in the Spring because it needs it. 

I never did get the front audio speakers installed this year as planned.  The wiring is in place, but I need to cut into the kick panels for a custom installation.  This will DEFINITELY be done in the spring as my first project.  I am still kicking around the idea of going to an all digital custom dash.  Sure it looks cool, but there are many options available, and I want to make the right choice for this car.    A Digital Dash would make a BIG difference in the shows next year.

I've put together a Music CD of the all time BEST CAR SONGS ever recorded.  I have over a 120 songs in the collection.  Maybe in the future I'll post a list of them here, but in any event, I've burned them all to MP3's, and this CD now stays in the Chevelle.  Whether I am out cruising the area, or displaying the car at show, the CD always has people asking me where I got such great songs in one collection?  I guess it helps to own one of the largest DJ Companies in the area!  I already had all of the music!  I just needed to rip the songs to MP3.  What's really cool is showing up at one of the cruise nights that Lou Graham, Lead Singer of the group Foreigner is at.  Of course his song "Rev On The Redline" is on my collection.  YES, Lou also owns a Chevelle, and I see him out quite often in the summer. Lou only lives about 5 miles from my house.
Did you know that there is also a song titled "1970 Red Chevelle"? It's true, and it's become the theme song for my car.

The biggest project still in the wings is getting this vehicle some new colors.  The paint still looks very good, and many of my car buddies say it does not need it, but I do want a change.  I had really hoped to find a painter this fall, but that just has not worked out as planned.  Over the Winter I am going to put together a proposal for the desired work, and get it out to as many custom paint shops as possible in the area.   My original plan was to contract a shop for a trade deal.  I would provide all of the materials, and a television crew to document the entire paint process.  In exchange, a shop would do the paint work.   I can't image any custom paint shop not wanting to have their work highlighted in a television show to be shown all over the local area. (Unless of course they already have more work than they can handle!) Television is a great medium, and can really sell a message.  Who knows just how much future business a custom shop could get following the great publicity that Television can produce.  I hope that any custom painter in my local area reading this update will realize what a great opportunity this might be for them, and take on the challenge of creating one of the best custom paint jobs in the area on this fine vehicle.  
You know how to reach me, just send an email!!

Well, it's been a nice weekend, but next week the forecasters are calling for a major cool down with the possibility of rain mixing with snow showers, so this is it for the car season.  I can't take the chance of getting any road salt on the car should the weather forecasters actually be right for a change, so tomorrow the car will make it's last drive of the year to the storage facility, and I'll spend much time painstakingly making sure that she is ready and comfortable for the long Winter ahead. 
Then I'll go home, look at the empty garage, and immediately start my usual withdrawal symptoms.  It happens every year!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by my 1970 Chevelle site this year!  I'll be back in the Spring of 2008 with more updates as the Chevelle comes out of hibernation, and the process of transforming her into one of the nicest in the country will continue. 
As is the tradition, I'll leave you with a few more pictures taken within the last few days. 


Some of the Awards Won by this 1970 Chevelle


March 15, 2008 Spring Update #1
Well, we still have a bit of Snow on the ground, but it's melting quickly, and getting warmer all of the time.  I am targeting the middle of April to get the car out of storage and back home.  First up on the project list this Spring is to replace both the Windshield, and Rear Window along with all Window Trim.  I've noticed that this is the only real weak spot in the overall appearance of the car, and these little things will make a big difference in the shows to come this year.  I plan to have a mobile unit come do it at my home, which will be quick and easy.  Secondly, I am going to be upgrading my Dash and Gauges to the Covan Product.  I'll be installing a Covan Custom Dash for the 1970 Chevelle complete with the C2 Gauges which are white face with an Indigo Blue illumination.  I've seen several of these installed, and they all looked great!  Third, I am going to order a 4" Cowl Hood, have it painted, and then install it.  I'll also be installing an under the hood Mirror Kit.  Since the engine bay is so detailed on this car, the Mirror Kit should really look pretty cool!

BIG NEWS about a Great new Cruise Night and Car Show
for the 2008 Season in Rochester, New York!!!

Click Here for the Cruise Night Flyer

 I've been looking at the possibility of launching a new cruise night unlike any other in the area, and now the plans have finally come together!  I am a member of the Masonic Organization and also a Shriner.  Those who live in the Rochester and especially Webster, NY area are probably familiar with the Damascus Shrine Center.  At one of our recent meetings, I brought up the idea of starting a great new cruise night at the Shrine Center, which has one of the best locations I have seen for this kind of activity!!  The idea was overwhelmingly accepted, and I have taken on the role as Chairman for the project. 
"The Wheelers" Motorcycle Club of the Damascus Shrine will also be heavily involved in this project. 

We plan to offer things that NO OTHER cruise location in the area can do, and I guarantee that when the Summer comes to a close,
this event will be one that will be remembered for a long time. 
I won't give out too many details at this time as we are trying to keep most of this under wraps until it debuts, but I can give you a small taste.
1. Live DJ Every Week provided by LASER SOUND, one of the largest and Best DJ Companies in New York!
Check them out on the Web! ----->

Laser Sound will be playing lots of your favorite Car Songs, and will MC Trivia and Dance Contests for prizes!
2. Weekly Best Car and Best Motorcycle prizes as chosen by the spectators!
3. Entertainment for Kids of ALL AGES provided by the Shriners in a way no one else can do.
4. We'll offer a Fun Family Environment with something for everyone who comes out.
5. The BEST food and drink available including Alcohol and ice Cream.
6. A chance at Weekly Cash Prizes for all in attendance.

This event will be called The Damascus Shrine Cruz-In', and will be held on Thursday's beginning May 29, 2008 from 5-8PM at the Damascus Shrine Center, 979 Bay Road in Webster, NY.    It will run EVERY Thursday (Weather Permitting) until July 31, 2008, and will culminate with our 1st Annual Damascus Shrine Car Show.  I realize that there is already a Cruise Night at the Tom Wahl's Restaurant in Webster just about 2-miles from our venue on Thursday's, but their venue is quite small, and we believe that when car owners and spectators see what we have to offer, WE will become THE PLACE to go in the area!
Flyers will be printed soon, and distributed in mass quantities around the area at other Cruise Nights as soon as some of them start in April. 

The date for our 1st Annual Car Show will be Sunday, August 3rd, 2008.  Again, a flyer and Entry Form will be printed for the show, and distribution will begin after our cruise nights kick-off.  A Website is currently being built for this Cruise Night and show, and as soon as it goes on-line, I will link to it so that
entry forms and other information can be obtained.

As a Classic Car Enthusiast, I look forward to a very exciting summer of cruising at this great new location. 
 I'll provide another website update sometime in April after I get my car home.  Thanks as always for visiting my Chevelle Site.

May 1, 2008 Spring Update #2

The car came home the first weekend in April, and the weather has actually been pretty hot.  The car has been out several times, and is running great!  No problems of any kind, except for some people who lately have decided that its really cool to tailgate me in the Chevelle.  That makes me really nervous, but when I hit a clear stretch of road, and open it up, its fun to see just how fast they fade into the distance in my rear view mirror.  I guess there is just something about seeing muscle cars on the road that brings out the stupid side of some people, and they like to mess with you. 
Good Luck with that!  God help anyone who gets too close to the car!

Yesterday, I had Ray Sands Glass come to my home to replace the Windshield and Rear Glass on the Chevelle.  Over the years, both had developed some scratching, especially the rear window, way before I owned the vehicle, and I felt that this was truly one of the weakest parts of the car.  Well, I am happy to say that they did a GREAT job with the new glass installation.  I also had them install new Window Molding I had purchased.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!  I also discovered that the rear glass is Original.  So I kept it for now, and will probably sell it.  I was told that it could easily be buffed out to look good.  I am very pleased with the work Ray Sands Glass did!  Since it is a show car, they really took their time, and gave it the attention it deserves, and were very careful working around the car.  Thank You!

I have decided to put the Digital Dash upgrade on hold until next year, but I am going to replace the hood as planned.  I've opted to go to a steel 2 Inch Cowl SS Hood, and install the hood pin set.  This will be quite simple.  I've got a paint shop that is right around the corner from me who will come to my place, fit the new hood, and then take it back to the shop for paint.  When it's finished, they will bring it back, and install it along with the hood pin kit.  I will then finish off the new hood with an under hood Mirror Kit that is now available for the SS Hoods.  This will really make the engine compartment shine.  I will be ordering the new hood any day now, so in my next update,
I hope to have new pictures to post of all the recent upgrades.

Plans for the Thursday Night Cruises are progressing very nicely.  There is a lot of interest, and the word is spreading fast.  It also looks like we will have radio station presence at some of the cruises and at the Car Show on August 3rd.  WLGZ, Legends 102.7FM has contacted me about possible involvement, and I believe this station due to its format would be an ideal fit for us.  After spending more than 30-years myself as an On-Air Radio Broadcaster, I am anxious to work with these great people.  Their station has been going through a slight format change lately (for the better!), and I think they sound great.

Click Banner to check out the Legends 102.7FM Website

May 26, 2008 Spring Update #3

The SS Hood that I ordered has arrived from California via Truck Freight, and was delivered directly to my Auto Restoration Shop.  The Under Hood Mirror Kit is also here, so the conversion to the new hood can begin.  The Hood needs to be fitted to the car first, and then will get painted.  I am adding a Hood Pin Kit to this project for that true SS look.  Both sides of the hood will be painted since the engine bay and fenders are also matching color.  Before the new Hood is installed permanently on the car, I will be adding the Under Hood Mirror Kit.  It will be much easier to install this prior to mounting the new hood.

I have also installed all new Chrome Seat Trim, as well as a new Center Console Top Plate.  Also, the Head Rest Release Locks were very faded, so they too were replaced with new chrome finished pieces.  It's amazing how just doing these little things makes a huge difference in the overall appearance of the car.  It's just about ready for this years cruise and show events.  As soon as the new hood is installed, I will be uploading several new pictures outlining all of the recent upgrades.  That should be in just about 1-2 weeks time. 


July 12, 2008 Summer Update #1

The new SS Hood I bought has now been prepped, fitted, painted, and installed on my Chevelle.  The process was a bit more involved than expected.  First, it was CRUCIAL that a good paint match was achieved.  The PPG paint that got sprayed is Dead On with the rest of the car, and it looks GREAT!!  Plus, every aftermarket hood usually has some imperfections, and this one was no exception.  The preparation time was considerable.  Time was taken to make the lines of the hood even more defined and crisp, but the end product was certainly worth it.  The hoodpin holes had to be drilled, and BOTH sides of the hood were painted.  I wanted high gloss on each side since I'll also be adding an underhood Mirror Kit.  I need to wait 30-days now to add the Mirror Kit to allow the paint to properly cure.  Pictures will be provided when I get it installed.  The only problem I have is that the SS Hood Molding that I ordered from OPG is about 1/4 inch too long for the hood!!  How did that happen.  Actually I found out that this is quite common with after market stuff, so it is going back, and I am looking for a NOS piece of molding.  I've seen a couple on Ebay, but the prices!!!  WOW!!!  Needs to be done though.  I would like to mention that the shop that did this fantastic work is B & C Auto Restorations in Ontario, New York.  Bill and Chris really took the time to do this project right.  The day of the final installation, I arrived to pick the car up, and found a custom T-Shirt they left for me with their logo, and one nice 1970 Chevelle on it.  This speaks volumes to me about their commitment to their work and customers.  Thanks guys!!  Click HERE to visit the B & C Website.

I am done with modifications for the summer now.  I plan to just enjoy the rest of the season, and get to as many Cruise Nights and Car Shows as possible.  I've done a bit more fine tuning on the Barry Grant Mighty Demon Carburetor, and the performance is now the best I've seen yet.  What a joy to now drive this car!

Here are some pictures of the new SS Hood.

In 2008 I started a Classic Car Cruise Night that has now become one of the Largest in the
Rochester, New York area.  It's a Charity Event.  For more information on the 2014 Season CLICK HERE

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