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Welcome to the UFO Research Page. We are now upon 50 years of recorded UFO activity, yet the question stands, Are we any closer to finding out the truth behind the UFO phenomenon? There is a feeling of optimism among the UFO research community that some form of official announcement of the government's knowledge of extraterrestrial's is likely in the near future. There is a growing sense of awareness recently, especially among the younger generation. So lets ask ourselves is this phenomenon by accident or design? What are UFO's? Where do they come from? Why are they here? Hopefully I will try to shed some light on this fascinating subject.

Today, Alien abduction stories are much more widely publicized than ever before.  Thanks to Television Networks such as "TLC" , "History", and "The Discovery Channel", more and more truth about the phenomena is coming to light.  If you are into late night talk radio, you must listen to Art Bell and George Norey.   They can be hard locally in the Rochester, NY area on WHAM-1180, and on about 500 different radio stations around the country as well as worldwide on the Internet.   Most of their shows deal with the unexplained.  Art Bell is also a Ham Radio Operator (W6OBB), and broadcasts his show via satellite from inside his Ham Shack.  What a great job for a Broadcaster!!! 


Enjoy the links that follow.  Check them out, and do some research on your own.  Remember that 
No Mystery is Closed to an "Open" Mind



UFO Links, A Through F
AUFOSG - The site of the Alberta UFO Study Group.
Alien Astronomer Exploring the exciting and mysterious worlds of UFOlogy, astronomy, and secret societies.
Alien Hunter - The home page of Derrel Sims of HUFON. Information on Mass Abductions, his work on Implant Retrieval and Analysis, and other salient topics.
Alien Jigsaw - Hosted by Katharina Wilson, author of "Alien Jigsaw". See her "Articles" section, which contains a number of articles written by her. Good reading.
American UFO News (AUFON) - Hosted by Stefan Duncan. AUFON is an on-line UFO newsletter which is available by subscription. The AUFON web site also hosts XPI, a network of investigators of paranormal events which is still in the early stages of formation. If you would like to become an investigator, drop in to the site.
Art Bell is a late night talk show host, and his web site always has some great stuff. Good entertainment value here. Art is a Ham Operator who broadcasts his show from his ham shack in the Nevada Desert.
Richard Boylan, Ph.D. Home Page Dr. Boylan is an internationally known author and speaker on the UFO phenomenon and abductee/experiencer therapy. A number of interesting articles can be found here.
BUFORA - The British UFO Research Association. BUFORA is actively engaged in a number of research projects including investigation of physical evidence, a catalogue of airline pilot reports, a study of ball-of-light UFOs, and others. Occasional editorials by UFO writer Jenny Randles.
CNI News Hosted by Michael Lindemann. This web page supports the on-line newsletter CNI News, available by subscription. It consistently has the newest of the UFO news, delivered with a highly professional reporting style. See "What's New" for some of the latest articles, and "UFO Gallery" for excellent summaries of some of the best-known UFO cases.
Communion Home Page Hosted by Whitley Strieber, author of "Communion", "Breakthrough", "Majestic" and most recently, "The Secret School".
CSETI The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence. This site has articles you won't see anywhere else.
CSICOP Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal.
While the skeptics are busy being skeptical of us, we can be skeptical of the skeptics.
Deb's UFO Clearinghouse Hosted by Debbie Jordan (Debra Jordan-Kauble) who, with her sister Kathy Mitchell wrote the book "Abducted!" as a continuation of the long investigation by Budd Hopkins of their abduction experiences.
Earth Star Ann Ulrich of Colorado maintains this site to publicize her newsletter, The Star Beacon (subscription info online). Sample articles and other interesting info are available on-site.
Exoscience Formerly AUFORA (Alberta UFO Research Association). Looking better than ever and still a top Canadian UFO web site.
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UFO Links, G Through M
International Society for UFO Research Includes case databases, news articles, UFO links, and a membership invitation.
Leading Edge International Research Group This site offers such an incredible amount of material that attempts to summarize it in a sentence simply fail. Must be seen to be believed.
Malta U.F.O. Research Yep, that's right -- Malta. Someone over there is on the ball.
Billy Meier's Official Web Site Interesting info on the Pleiadian contacts and Billy's history. Unfortunately, his surprising diatribe against friend and supporter Randolph Winters suggests that the famous Swiss contactee has finally lost it.

Mutual UFO Network Sites (Not Rated)
We're always looking for additional MUFON sites. They appear and disappear so frequently that we're never sure we have them all. If you know of any others, please tell me.
MUFON British Columbia
MUFON California (Los Angeles)
MUFON California (Riverside County)
MUFON California (San Diego)
MUFON California (Ventura/Santa Barbara Counties)
MUFON Canada
MUFON Colorado
MUFON Connecticut
MUFON Florida (Dade County)
MUFON Kentucky has been moved to our Top section.
If anyone has a current URL for it, please tell us.
MUFON Massachusetts
MUFON Minnesota
MUFON National (USA; Rutgers Site)
MUFON New Hampshire
MUFON New York has been moved to our Top section.
If anyone has a current URL for it, please tell us.
MUFON Ontario
MUFON Virginia
MUFON Washington State

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UFO Links, N Through T
NACOMM UFO Research New Age Communications -- a UFO site with a religious viewpoint.
National UFO Reporting Center Established in 1974 as a central point for the reporting and cataloging of UFO sightings. Now has about 4,500 sightings in its database, plus about 15,000 reports still waiting to be entered into the computer, according to director Peter Davenport.
Northwest Mysteries hosted by independent investigator Greg Long. Fascinating accounts of UFO reports and investigations, and well written.
Orbwatch Jennifer Mallet's photos and written accounts of the strange, luminous "orbs" appearing at the western end of Lake Ontario. Many photos of the "orbs" at different dates and times. What are they?
Ozark Mountain Publishing This is Dolores Cannon's web site, maintained by Tom and Karen Cannon. Contains biographical material, info on all of her books in print as well as some others, current speaking schedule, and more.
PEER Program for Extraordinary Experience Research. Founded in 1993 by Harvard professor of psychiatry John E. Mack, M.D. Excellent research articles on line.
Project Sign Research Center Hosted by historical researcher Wendy A. Connor. Project Sign existed between the Air Force's Project Saucer and Project Grudge. This site contains authoritative research information about projects Sign and Grudge. Well worth a visit for some enlightening reading.
Saucer Smear Index The best commentary on the sociology of UFOlogy. They have dug up all the dirt and inside info on prominent UFO researchers and their quarrels amongst themselves, with highly entertaining results. They even occasionally have something interesting to say about UFOs! Some fascinating letters to the editor, too.
Sightings supports the "Sightings" radio program by Jeff Rense. Nighttime listeners interested in borderline topics are about evenly split between Sightings and Art Bell's program; some say Rense is gaining. The site has a large listing of fascinating articles.
Skeptics Page hosted by James Lippard has an extensive collection of articles and resources in support of the skeptical viewpoint.

Skywatch International Sites
Home page of Bill Hamilton, President, Skywatch International
New York Skywatch International
Ohio Skywatch International
Oklahoma Skywatch International
Texas Skywatch International has been moved to the Top section.
If anyone knows its current URL, please tell us.

The U.F.O. Report Concentrating on abduction and UFO reports. They are asking for your descriptions and accounts of sightings and UFO experiences. Help them build up online material by sending them your reports.
The Unusual Has news items, event reports, pictures, videos, and discussion forums on-line. The site is still building material but we think it has promise. They are also willing to provide free hosting for other web sites featuring unusual phenomena.
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UFO Links, U Through Z
UFO*BC Another top Canadian UFO web site.
UFO Folklore A popular UFO site; pulls together lots of UFO information from other sources.
UFOINFO Maintained by John Hayes, a nice guy who collects UFO info by the ton. A good site.
UFOlogy Research of Manitoba This Canadian site is hosted by Chris Rutkowski, a name known to all serious UFO and crop circle researchers.
UFOlogy Society International They require registration, but it's free.
UFOmind Run by Glenn ("The Desert Rat") Campbell of Area 51 fame. This site is becoming, or may already be, the most comprehensive UFO site on the web. Message boards, thousands of links, and lots of other information. Navigation may take a little practice due to the size of the site, but the layout is actually very clean.
UFO Online This well-developed and comprehensive site is run by Maurizio Verga in Cermenate (Italy). It allows you to select either English or Italian language. The site features info on Italian UFO sightings, UFO photos, multimedia presentations, publications, documents, collector's items, and searchable UFO databases.
UFO Resources We like the really nice long list of links here.
UFO Roundup The monthly online UFO news by Masinaigan (Joe Trainor). Don't miss this one. He frequently finds UFO-related news items that others miss.
VUFORS The Victorian U.F.O. Research Society. This UFO research group in Victoria, Australia has been in continuous existence for over 40 years. See their "Sightings" page and their article on the 1978 Valentich disappearance, among other things.


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